UNIT9 - GOD_SN Colossus Platform 01
  • UNIT9 - GOD_SN Colossus Platform 01

UNIT9 - GOD_SN Colossus Platform 01


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The military presence in space is expanding, and the private sector's innovations in the industry are introducing new capabilities that governments are unlikely to ignore. With advancements in space technology and the planned return of humans to the Moon, the need for international coordination of arms control and further treaties regarding the use of outer space becomes increasingly urgent. In the meantime, private companies, in consultation with the government, are developing technologies that will enable them to establish dominance in space in the near future.

One intriguing concept involves utilizing low Earth orbit to deploy projectiles like tungsten rods, harnessing the kinetic energy of their descent instead of traditional explosives. This unconventional approach presents a formidable challenge to defense systems and offers pinpoint accuracy when targeting fortified bunkers, bridges, and other similar structures.

Existing orbital stations serve as the foundation for this expansion, and ensuring the safety of these installations is of utmost importance.


Join us as we delve into the world of these cybernetic, zero gravity suits. No oxygen? No problem.

February brings an extraordinary collection of models, ranging from heavy duty drones to suits an power loader

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